New Vs Second Hand Car

One of the very first questions you should ask yourself, is whether you want to buy a new car, or a second hand one. There are many factors that influence this decision, starting of course with the available budget. Other than that, variables like appearance and quality of the car, and availability of both the car itself and spare parts are important things to consider. An overview:

Car budget.Needless to say, a second hand car will be cheaper than a brand new one. In order to park that spotless new car on your front porch, you should be prepared to pay a minimum of €7000. If this means you have to dig into your savings, you’d better opt for a second hand car.

You should however beware of hidden flaws that could unexpectedly and enormously inflate the total price. Some second hand cars may initially look fine, but start rattling or leaking mysterious fluids after the first 100 km. It is therefore paramount that you do a thorough check-up of the second hand car you plan on buying. Even better: have a check-up done by an independent party.

Appearance of the car. Evidently, your options regarding the colour, model, and extras on your car will be less extensive when looking into the second hand range of cars. If you have your mind set on a baby blue Renault Megane with airbag and built-in GPS system, we recommend you buy a new car rather than waiting for that exact model becoming available on the second hand market. With that being said, there is an impressively large number of second cars being put up for sale every day. Unless you are extremely picky, you are bound to find the right car to suit your needs.

Spare parts. When buying a new car, you can be sure of the availability of spare parts for years to come. If a problem should arise, you can easily order new parts and have your car drive as good as new. Depending on the age of the car, this can be different for second hand cars. Although there are many online and offline companies that offer a wide array of spare second hand car parts, it can sometimes be hardship locating the exact piece you are looking for.

Availability. When buying a new car, it isn’t unusual to have to wait a couple of months before your purchase is delivered to the car dealer’s, unless you have bought a showroom car. An 8 weeks delivery term is considered standard, but you will most likely have to wait longer than that. Car producers prefer to minimize their stock, so if you have specific wishes for your new car, you will most likely have to wait until your car is put together, which can take a while. The advantage of buying a second hand car is clear: you buy the car, and drive it home. If you need your car at short notice, you might want to consider the latter.

Whether it is a new or a second car you decide to buy, there will always be advantages and disadvantages. As is the case for any important purchase, assessing your needs and comparing possible deals are key. Take your time to decide, and good luck!

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